g akinmoré Your Purpose
Is You
g akinmoré Your Identity
Is Christ
g akinmoré Live a Life
of Purpose

What on Earth Are You Here For?

Every generation is saddled with the responsibility to lead the next generation into its own destiny. Knowing who we are and who we have been called to be is important for this responsibility that is upon us.

When we become who God has us to be, we are able to serve the purpose He sent us here for. Who you become is connected to your purpose. And God is expecting you to live each fulfilled in His purpose for your life.

No matter your circumstances, your current situations or challenges and limitations, I am here to work towards breaking those limitations and rising above those circumstances. 

God is Counting On You!


Strictly Masculine

Strictly Masculine is a program aimed at making men become better. A weekly newsletter will be sent to encourage and admonish men to live their best lives in God for the sake of their families and humanity also.


Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program will help young people to live their utmost for God in their career, business, academics and relationships.

MArch 2021

Enlighten Conference​

The Enlighten Conference is a leadership and mentoring conference for young people across the globe that will help them discover their purposes and begin to walk in it regardless of where they are in their personal lives.

About Strictly Masculine

Strictly Masculine is a safe space for men to share their struggles and also help each other in the Light of the Lord. So that clarity is gained and also mastery in tracking God’s desire for us as men. As we share together, we will be able to discover our purposes in God and the responsibility of nationhood that’s upon our shoulders. And also we will be lifting each other in fervent prayers.