Love: Is it a Mystery? | AkinMoré
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Love: Is it a Mystery?

We all fall in love at some points in our lives, whether you’re a novice or an expert. But I don’t think there are experts when it comes to love there are just hearts that have learned to take the heat no matter how hot it is. That’s what I call love experience.

I had fell in love, being in love and in love. Each of the intimate relationships I’ve had have always opened me up to newer opportunities if not for anything but for understanding my personality better. I fell in love with all angels with choices, with decisions, with goals and dreams not with mere women. But women that I believed had greatness in them. Yes all those words are awesome but they did turn sour at some point. I loved her, I loved her the best I could but the message after all its no thank you. You don’t fit the bill, you don’t fit my energy, you don’t fit into my culture.

In all breakups we sense danger at some point and we try to address them but it’ll look like you are futuristic and overtly ambitious. We can all be very selfish sometimes, that’s human nature. But why do we prefer to leave when others want us more, give up when that’s the moment everything needs to shape up. Love fades and if it does we reignite and reinvent that’s the purpose of innovation. There is innovation in love as well. I love love because without love I won’t be able to love more.

Are you in love or have you been in love, how did you cope when you lost the fire? Did you move on with or without your partner?

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