KFA 2015: State of The Union

KFA 2015

KFA 2015: State of The Union

“Her inside connected with my inside.”

Two weeks ago when I unlocked me there was a part I shared my perspective about marriage and how seeing others walk through that door have shaped my perspective about this lifetime decision. And Frederick and Kemi Adetiba’s love story have changed my perspective about marriage on a much larger scale. Kenny, a friend of mine came across their video and I saw her posting screenshots from the video as her display photo on BBM. And I was like small world, so you know Fred too. She said, “I was stalking Lanre Esho films on IG then I saw their pre wedding video and I got inspired. Abeg I want to meet this man in Jesus name. Amen” Beyond words Fred is a brother that is worth having, a role model that is worth emulating, and a mentor that is worth learning from. And for Kemi a husband and a man after God’s heart.

When I try to express who Fred is and how much he has inspired me. I tell people when I see him I see Jesus. I remembered on a particular day to fast track the process in my spiritual growth. I said Sir, “all this thing you’re doing like this hmm how can I get here na!” He said buddy, its a process just let it flow you don’t have to rush it.

And then on the day of the wedding I sat on the table thinking about how much Fred have inspired me and how much their union have changed my perspective and also a lot of people around me. That even both of them may not be aware of.  They were both talking about God all through and how they connected and understood God’s purpose for their lives.

But here I am the question I kept asking myself was hmm if her inside got to connect with my inside, what can I do to make this happen because as fragile as my heart is I don’t think I want it broken again?

  • abi
    Posted at 22:30h, 29 December Reply

    Lol. Don’t worry. If your insides connect, there will be no breaking ko. You will fuse together and become inseparable

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