The Beauty of Our Experiences

The beauty of our experiences

The Beauty of Our Experiences

Each one of us have gone through so much we want to hide those experiences from others around us, we are afraid of being judged by our actions and being seen with the eyes of our past.

We’ve all gone through some darkest moments, moments when we thought we should not be alive, moments when we messed up and we never wanted to face the world after those worst moments of our lives. But we made it through against all odds, against the pain, against the failure and against whatever we’ve done.

Can we listen more than we judge,

Can we look out for each other than stay apart,

Can we birth hope than despair,

Can we be kind than bitter,

Can we break the chains?

Life is a story

Life is a story

We need to bring someone to the awareness that everything they have gone through or are going through was part of the process of their growth and by doing that we resonate the whole universe. Our experiences should make others better, seeing them heal from their hurts should be what we hold dear to our hearts.

Because we triumphed we can help others triumph even in their suffering and their pain, making sure no one lives with guilt of whatever they have done.

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Because we made it through and living with the hope that our yesterday was worse, but we became better today and tomorrow we will be much better than our yesterday. We need to beyond spreading the message of hope, be the message of hope. We should bring the best out of people that are depressed and suffering from a pain or a hurt.

How has sharing your life experiences transformed the life of someone else?

Will love to learn from you as well.

  • abi
    Posted at 14:08h, 04 November Reply

    Akin here, the author of the blog has helped me through some difficult times. Thank you akin. I find that sharing pain with the right persons reduces by half. It also exposes you to the depth of your friendship and the strength of his or her character.

    • Akinola Oyewobi
      Posted at 15:16h, 04 November Reply

      You are very much welcome and thank you for the much insights you have given as well. You’ve been a great blessing to me too. 🙂

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