The Essence of Our Experience


The Essence of Our Experience

We all have different experiences in our lives and most of them are very bad ones that we always try to sugar coat because we don’t want to be judged by anyone, we all have things we are dealing, a filth that needs some cleansing.

Even pride at its smallest stint is a filth that needs to be dealt with. Meanwhile the essence of our experiences whether good or bad is to help someone get out of their pit, is to shine a little light into someone’s darkness.

Our experiences have the power to mend a broken heart and rejuvenate an unhappy soul.

Our experiences are not to be kept as secrets but should be a tool that uplifts others.

Our experiences should give wisdom to the simple, strength to the weary, hope to the hopeless and joy to the saddened.

Our experiences in its raw form could help others open up on things they are struggling with, and when you share what you have been through it could help them believe their struggles is just for a moment.

Be the essence for someone’s greatness, be the channel to someone’s healing, lead them towards a path of hope.

Have a pleasant week.

  • abi
    Posted at 05:55h, 30 October Reply

    Very true Akin.#word

    • AkinMoré
      Posted at 10:50h, 30 October Reply

      Thanks Abi. Hope you are having a great day.

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