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To My Dad


I didn’t want to use just one day to honour you. That’s not worthy of a son you’ve trained and nurtured. In my world you are my hero before anyone else. If there was one reason I am here its you. I am proud and happy I came from your loins and from this amazing family.

I know you may have made some mistakes that sometimes got me very angry and brought me face to face with reality that sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. In spite of those mistakes you stood stronger and knew you were raising great men and women that would be stronger than you. You have an awesome kindness, calmness and your warm heart, I love it when you smile. My advice I think you should laugh often.

I want to thank you for giving me that freedom to make my decisions, to make my choices, in all of them I learned to be responsible for all of my actions. There were some things I was too stubborn to learn from you as a result of my rebellion but you always welcome me home as your loving son. I love you Daddy.

The day may have passed but its not about the day but the meaning we put into this awesome heroes: Our Fathers. We may hate them, we may resent them and we may think we are better but we shouldn’t forget most decisions they made shaped our thinking. Made us who we are today. As a young man hoping to become a Father soon, I want to be the best I could to my kids that they live a rewarding life knowing today that every action I take will make their future.

What did you tell your dad on Father’s day? How often would you love to tell him how much of a hero he is?

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