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Friends Are Very Valuable

While growing up I loved to think that the world has become too cruel to have friends and I could get through life all by myself. But as I grew older reality struck me everyday. And that reality is the fact that in this insane cruel world full of people that throw thorns back at you when you throw them roses, you still need this people to grow.

As the saying “No man is an island”….I came to realize that my greatest learning wasn’t from the classroom or my house but from the people I mingled with and called friends. They became like family and made me redefine my concept of “Family”. They made me feel like my bad day was OUR bad day. I felt very ashamed to have ever thought that I would miss out on this kind of once in a life time opportunity for fear of betrayal which perhaps came as a result of other people’s experience or misconceptions. I have come to understand that friends are the most valuable asset a person could ever have.

Friendships are valuable that if you ever want to get through in life you just need to have a friend. I have heard people tell me that they don’t want to have friends, they just want to maintain their space because they don’t want to get hurt. For such people they end up hurting themselves and also end up seeing life as something that was not meant to be enjoyed despite the challenges. Truth is we all want at least a friend in our lives especially when our circle grows smaller. In friendship some will definitely want to pull you down but a few will want to pull you up. Some bring awesome value to your life, some don’t but they leave you with a lesson when you’re making decisions on who should be on your friend’s list.

If there is anything I cherish is friendships, a hunger to connect with friends no matter the circumstances I find myself. My friends believe in me. In my mistakes, my disbelief and my failures, they are always a great source of encouragement to me. I will forever appreciate their work, their shortcomings that often show we are so human and we’re born to exist and be awesome and not perfect robots. My friends have broken the wall I built around myself which has made me see the world and humans from a more enlightened perception. They are always there to listen even in the thickest hour of the night. Now to drive home my point, some friends may fail to see your value but please remember your value doesn’t decrease due to someone’s inability to see your worth. Some will abuse your rights to your opinion but my advice keep them farther apart but love them because that’s an evil they need to fight. I learned something from the Bible recently that being friends is bearing each other’s burden and not carrying each other’s load.

Friends are a gift to our lives and to our successes. They best businesses thrive on relationships.

Let me know what great fruits you’ve enjoyed in your friendships, were they valuable, others that weren’t what lessons did you learn?

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