Failure is a bridge to Success

Success! Go get it

Failure is a bridge to Success

Success is not determined by your background, your childhood, your environment. It does not favor a particular DNA makeup. It does not depend on what you do not have but what you have. You can only offer what you have, you cannot go beyond your capacity. But you can stretch your thoughts to an extent that it helps you reach your full potential.

Success answers to a particular thought system which you create in your mind. It’s the state that gives you the required energy needed to push on even in the midst of the storm. In everyone lies the potential to succeed no matter how often we have failed. Winston Churchill defined success as going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Every step to success is filled with a predicament to failure but it depends on how you view both personally. It is either you see failure as a stepping stone to success or failing indeed. Most people do not believe that they can do great things, they just aim for mediocrity. They do all they do because everyone else is doing it.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but before he did he failed many experiments before the breakthrough. You can only be successful if you don’t stop trying. It does not matter how much time you need to do that.

Steve Jobs dropped out of school and dropped in on a course that set the path for the beautiful fonts we see on our computers today. He did even more by creating one of the world’s premium brands, Apple.

Abraham Lincoln failed so many times before he became the President of the United States of America. Any man that has attained real success will say they had quite a number of shoddy ride with failure before having that great ride to success. One singular thing distinguished them, they never failed to try.

Success like wisdom is always available but you choose to answer that call. A lot of people believe that failure is an indicator that you will not succeed but that is not true as you can learn from them and move on. It is even more possible to fail when you take on bigger chances though it sets you on the pace for greater success. It is quite disheartening to see a lot of people go on a suicidal mission. Because they have been portrayed as failures either through self – judgement or the judgement of others.

You choose what you become, how you become what you want to become and you determine why you should become what you want to become.

You cannot live an unhappy life and expect success. Success is a product of happiness. Being cheerful is all about perspective and it will not matter if you are a success or a failure. You choose what you become. How you become what you become. And you determine why you should become what you want to become. So success comes from the way you act. The way you act comes from the way you feel and think. Therefore to succeed you must first change something within yourself.

The African Perspective of Success

Our perspective about success need to change and be realigned to bring productive change to our communities. Our present narrative of success is more like:

Go to College;

Study any course;

Get a degree and;

Pronto you can work in a bank.

The fact that money is being counted in the banks does not mean there will be enough money to spend around. Even if more banks were created it won’t be enough to meet the large population of youths who vehemently see their future there.

There is ample pressure on young people in this country that if you do not go to College, you cannot be a real success. This has led to the rising population of young people writing University Entry Examination every year with fewer facilities available to accommodate the growing population. Some youths see success as a mirage and others as a bid to make quick money. Frustration and depression has become the bane of young people. Though there are no excuses for such feelings but we must not keep paying the price for ignorance. We should begin to redefine what success is for us. We have examples of people that have shown that this is impossible if we will begin to do the right things in the right way.

Our beloved country is in dire need of great thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators, which could be you.

The Need for Change

We can give the world a challenge. We can bring home anything we want but it must be something positive and different from what it used to be. Our beloved country is in dire need of great thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators, which could be you. Do not let the situation around sink you into the deep waters instead rise to the challenge. We need to build clusters of knowledge where people can learn so as to meet today’s challenge. The World Awaits Us.

Every step of failure leaves you with a lesson to succeed. It does not matter how often you have failed but how well you are willing to learn, correct your mistakes and try again. Success is an on-going path, a journey and not a destination.  When you succeed in anything there is always a craving to achieve something greater. Each day presents us with great opportunities. There are always new things we can do, new methods of doing what we know how to do best and keep moving. Success principally depends on the laws of change. Change keeps you aware that you need to succeed even in the midst of failure. Gain knowledge, take action and do not stop trying. Success is in you! It is time to let it out.

It is my utmost desire that youths in my beloved country will discover their potentials, be courageous and confident enough to take that path to greatness.

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