Developing Your Potential (II)

Reach your potentials

Developing Your Potential (II)

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped. A greater tragedy is to watch potential live unreleased.

How sad to know that the majority of the people on this planet will never discover who they really are,while others will settle for only a portion of their true self.

Only a select few will make the quality decision to maximize every fibre of their lives by fully using their gifts,talents,abilities,and capabilities.

Each one of us has the opportunity to pursue maximum living. The question is, are we going to use this option?

Living to the maximum challenges us all because much of our environment is not conducive to this pursuit.

In every society there are traditions, social expectations,customs and value systems that impact, shape, mold, suppress, and in most cases, oppress the natural gifts, talents, capabilities, and potential of its members.

To develop your potential you will need to look beyond those limitations and embrace the values that will help you become all you have been created to become.

Developing your potential will need you to use both your talents, capabilities, and natural gifts, because without these values you would not be able to maximally develop your potential.

What are the limitations are you currently experiencing?

Odinaka Kingsley Obeta is a Seasoned Writer/ motivational speaker, he has held various youth programmes in schools. He is a certified agent of change,national transformation and a human capacity builder, certified by, Leading Icons Foundation, and Golden Heart Foundation International. He is the founder of YMI Foundations an organization that seeks to empower and motivate young people to become agents of change in the society.

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