You Can Be a Record Breaker

On Sunday,  the 5th of July Fiji broke a Football World Record by beating Micronesia 38 goals in the Pacific Games. And that’s the highest scored after Australia. While it looked impossible to me, it made news all over the world.

I was thinking what future does this record have for the game of football. On the world stage its a different ball game but the record have been broken, it can not be questioned until some other team break a new one in future.

This enveloped my thoughts all through the day and thinking what lessons does this hold for us.

When it comes to breaking records, the world will stand up for you even if the record was broken at the very lowest level. Its not the question of whether you’ll be able to perform on the world stage but have the big picture in mind. Like Fiji I believe what this record holds for them is that they will be fueled with a determination to conquer the world. What this clearly shows us is you don’t have to wait for something big to come before you start with the small you have. You don’t have to wait on luck to shine on you while hope for the future seems bleak. You need to start with what you have from where you are. The resources you need to break the record is not just money, what you need is your heart, your head and your hands. For you to shine, you need to consistently shine a light on your path to become great.

Don’t be drowned by the opinions of others that you’re too little to become that great, amazing person. Listen to your heart, within you lies who you truly are and what you want to become. Seek and you will find. Look at yourself in a relay, if all you need to do is to pass the baton to the next person wouldn’t you press forward even when you look tired and want to give up. All you have your mind on is winning and finishing the race. You are a Champion, you can break a record, yes you can.

Fiji may not make it big at the world stage but I don’t want to doubt their capacity to become great contenders, as they say “its football”. For the moment that doesn’t matter as they have a world record that may not be broken for years.

What if I put you on the field of play, with your team, how many goals will you score to break a new world record?


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Akinola Oyewobi writes on faith, personal development, relationship, career, governance and business. Though with an engineering degree, he is pursuing a career in digital media at Premium Times.

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  • Adeleke David
    Posted at 16:19h, 09 July Reply

    Funny example, but a great idea nonetheless. Anyone can be a record breaker, no matter the situation.
    -David Adeleke |

    • AkinMore
      Posted at 16:23h, 09 July Reply

      Thanks very much for checking in, was just thinking of checking into your blog now. Awesome tweets up there,learned something important today.

  • Bala
    Posted at 05:15h, 18 February Reply


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