The Easy Talk, The Difficult Walk

The Easy Talk, The Difficult Walk

The Easy Talk, The Difficult Walk

In 2010, I founded an organization called Y4C Nigeria, very enthusiastic and driven, wanted to bring change to the minds of young citizens pertaining to leadership and business.

Talk of enthusiasm and driven, it was a very serious matter. Launched a Facebook group and years later, a Facebook page. It started when I went to an event to speak, my first speaking engagement where I spoke on change. Reflecting through the event and going through my note, it was more like get out there and do something about it. So we started and had a great follower-ship, but here was I talking big but unprepared to face the challenges ahead of me for my tribe. Events upon events and time passed, everything dissipated, the enthusiasm, the drive, everything. Most cases I try to exonerate myself and say stuffs like: it was because I switched cities within short periods, but that’s trying to absolve myself of the responsibilities of our failure therewith.

A few days ago I was also reflecting what difference it would have made if I had moved beyond my amazing speeches, the awesome write ups on our group and page, What if I took time to understand the processes and laid out set of objectives and then a strategic plan towards maximum actualization as an organization. The saying “Talk is Cheap” keep resounding in my ears that if you talk too much you won’t get anything done.

Its easier to talk but its a difficult work but I will say that having learned this very important lesson personally, that is pivotal to almost everything else I will find myself doing now and in future, its necessary to note that talk takes off more energy than when you start a course and stay in it. Walking into the work might be difficult but as time goes on what seemed difficult begins to look easy as you navigate the hurdles.

Have you seen a football team play a game without a Coach, everyone will play as they deem fit, even the goalkeeper might leave his goal post to score goals. So I know how important I need a Coach, a Mentor and a Team.

Would you like to share what the journey is for you and what difference has it made, having a coach, a mentor and a team?

  • abi
    Posted at 19:00h, 14 December Reply

    Lol@goalkeeper leaving post to score goals. Really true. Self examination is a step in the direction if you take action upon all you discover. All you need do now is take action

    • Akinola Oyewobi
      Posted at 20:56h, 14 December Reply

      You are very right Abi and just learning a lot everyday through reflection and living each day with excitement when something I need to pay attention to hits me. Something I think you should do too: Check to take this personality test. Thank me later. Cheers!

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