It’s Great to Be Perfect but…..

Perfection is key but doing is king. Without doing perfection is unattainable.

When I started out writing, every piece of note I had were all in pieces. I have my thoughts in different notes on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, service, family finances and some other topics. Most of my notes are far away from me, most of them are scribbled on someplace on my PC. The thoughts of bringing all those thoughts together in one place became a difficult task. And that lead me into giving various excuses why I should not write and why my thoughts won’t make sense or maybe they were too vague.

Nothing will make sense until you take that first step.

This July I launched my personal blog having blogged for Y4C Nigeria for some years. And I was seized with the fear of people misinterpreting and misunderstanding me, and did not want to be in the bad books of anybody due to my views on relationships, religion, politics and my world view. It was comfortable because I wanted the conditions to be perfect, I wanted everything to make sense before I take the step.

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.” – Navy SEAL Maxim

I have failed in certain things, and one part of me won’t want to try new things because of the fear of failing again. But personally it was difficult staying that way because the big me wants to try something new, seek for new collaborations and also gain more counsel on my next step. Its human to always see that great person but if you know how much sweat have gone into that greatness, you will understand that they failed often and they are ready for whatever the outcome.

One part of me won’t want to try new things because of the fear of failing again.

Becoming perfect does not just happen like that, it comes with a price. Its either you do nothing and you’ll gain nothing, or you take that step but whether you fail or succeed, you will be glad you did. Perfection is not gained by sitting around doing nothing, it is having an understanding that you learn by doing and you know by doing while learning in the process.

Take that step but whether you fail or succeed, you will be glad you did.

I recall vividly the day I decided to launch the blog, it was a difficult decision but am glad I did because the blog have been read by a lot of people in the world. What if I waited for the conditions to be perfect? What if I didn’t intend to write? Now I know better that my perspective may be questioned, my thoughts may be ridiculed but I have to keep writing until everything connects. Take every criticism as it comes, squeeze them and work at it to make better lemonades.

What would you love to start that you are waiting for some bright moments to shine on you? What have you started that you have stopped? Will love to hear your thoughts on what perfection means to you.

Would you like to own a blog like mine? I will love to help.

Akinola Oyewobi
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