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My Pain, His Pain

This is the second part of the series My Burdens, My Pain and My Struggles. In case you missed the first part, you can take a sneak peak here. Before you start a journey you already know the destination. But when it comes to a spiritual journey, it is a process.

The process where you feel the pain in your flesh because you can no longer feed it with the lust of the world. Whatever new process you are going through the flesh would fight it. This is because you can no longer function the way it wants you to function.

We struggle with so much on a daily basis, we desire some things, we crave to fill our loneliness, our aspirations, our ambitions and even our hurts. Our thoughts should be how does my sins affect me, most importantly affect what God is building in us. We have come to a place where we settle, instead of the world to learn how to live from us; we are letting the world teach us how to live. It does not ought to be so. God brought us on this earth, not to compete with anyone by any standard. He wants us to become the version of what we are in His heart.

The desire for competition has brought us to this place where we have become unmindful of the Finished Work of Jesus in Calvary. Calvary, where Jesus bore the pains for our iniquities, the Cross should be our focus. He took all of our pain on the Cross, but if we keep living as if He didn’t die for us is more like crucifying Christ by our actions on a daily basis.

Our pain is His pain, but are we walking the road with Him. Are we saying we abandon whatever it is that will give us fulfillment and embrace his will above all else.

The Church: A Place of Transformation

Can we join the body of Christ with corruption? Certainly not! The Church as the bride of Christ should be a place where as He is, so are we in this world. Not making the church peripheral to the world. The Church needs healing and the healing is we moving towards God beyond the size of our assemblies and cathedrals. The Church should experience persecution for what is right, what it stands for and what it represents. Not mockery for very wrong reasons.

The Church is a place where transformation takes place in every individual lives. We should embrace persecution than trying to get even. We should love our enemies, we should give up ourselves and have genuine love for each other. Christ wants His Church to be without blemish, that means no form of corruption should be found within us.

Holiness above Prosperity

Emphasise Holiness than Prosperity. It is possible to live like Christ. Let’s not come to a place where we believe it is okay for believers to sin, as grace covers all sins. We were saved to live a life of communion with Jesus on a daily basis. You need to walk your salvation with fear and trembling.

When people pray the salvation prayer, the shackles don’t drop off their feet immediately, and if it is fornication they are struggling with they will go back to that sin. Except we show them that it is possible to live a Christlike life if they will just surrender. And then walk them through the path from babe into full maturity.

I have found young people living reckless lives who are said to be believers. Mostly because the religious institution they belong to have said they are forever saved. Just how many folks are we leading to Hell with this doctrine. We need to preach the Gospel Jesus Christ preached. That grace is not a means to excuse sin but am empowerment against its clutches.

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