Words: Are like Swords


Words: Are like Swords

Our words will create our realities.

Why do Coaches and mentors tell their team and mentee to use affirmations that’s because words are very powerful.

Your words are swords and they can execute an enemy, someone you love or even kill you.

Your words can be burning arrows that can burn someone or it can be a chill that soothes the soul.

Our words will bring life or death.

Our words will shape our lives.

Our words becomes our reality.

You can call yourself anything but be careful what you call thyself.

Your words are vessels.

What do you call yourself exactly, slave or prince, beautiful or ugly, polite or saucy, good or bad.

Be careful what you call yourself, as in the supernatural realm they form our reality.

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

People that became what they are today, are who they are because of the words of yesterdays and where you see them tomorrow is because of the words of today.

Your words must not carry a vessel of comparison if not you’ve lost control over your own life.

Your words should not carry the stench of guilt in it because the more you dwell in it, the more it looks impossible to change.

Your words will set people free or will lead down dark alleys.

Your words will build new territories or destroy existing ones.

Your words will clear the path from thorns or bring thorns on the path.

Your words will bring light or darkness.

Your words will bring hope or gloom.

Your words will build people up and bring people down.

Do you use words like its impossible, do you use words like I don’t have a vision, a mission or a goal, I don’t know my purpose.

How much are you willing to change the narrative?

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