Sorry there’s no bridge!

A bridge used to illustrate the article

Sorry there’s no bridge!

I know we’ve heard this saying and at some points in our lives we’ve used it to describe an upcoming event in our lives:

“When we get to the bridge we will cross it.”

We use this term when we are not sure of a decision that we need to make on the path we want to take. Some of us rather want to get to the bridge so we cross it but not after living a life we were not made for.

Now let’s think, what if those decisions you take rather prepare you to build a bridge than cross the bridge and what if its just a desert, an ocean or a huge mountain. What if there is no bridge, just a desert you were not prepared for, and you might just give up.

And most times when we are not flexible we will say all we want is a bridge and nothing else. And once we start the journey and we didn’t meet our expectations, we start looking elsewhere for a bridge that is not available. Maybe all you need to do was something more different. So before you start a journey be ready to face the uncertainties. You don’t just start a journey thinking about just a bridge, have an open mind, be flexible and prepare for whatever uncertainty may arise in the process.

Prepare to build a bridge where is none, prepare to water the ground where there is no rain, prepare to climb the mountain where there is no one at the top to pull you to the top. Prepare to be disappointed, prepare to be expectional, prepare to succeed, prepare to fail, prepare to win, prepare to lose. Just prepare for all things.

Why not “I’ll Prepare to cross the bridge but when I don’t see one or I see something unusual, I’ll still prepare for all things.”

  • Abi
    Posted at 22:36h, 21 February Reply

    Welcome back Ak. Preparation for whatever eventuality is necessary to remain calm through all the turbulence in the world. If there is no solid foundation, sound foundation that will stand fire and time, nothing will really work out. Thank you.

    • akinmore
      Posted at 23:12h, 21 February Reply

      You are welcome and thank you for checking in.

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