Hey Queen! Express Thyself

The Queen with a crown in a chess game

Hey Queen! Express Thyself

To not be self expressed is not to become thy true self. Hiding behind a veil so you can be accepted by everyone around you. Your true self ebbs away on the altar of crowd acceptance. Hey Queen! What do you want out of thy life? How long will thou let the world determine how thou should sway thy life? What is thy purpose?

Where is thy virtue, O Queen?

You say, he said he will marry me if we could just do it (it – the sex ‘ting’), you give in and away he goes. And you become the trophy of the many guys lining up to say, “I chop clean mouth”. Sweetie, where is thy virtue?

And then, there is that other crowd, the “my friends are getting married crowd” — I call them. They forget marriage is not a trophy, it is some serious business, everything comes into play. Years down the line, so many lives living in regret, they are wishing they knew better and wait. Even when you ask, they may never tell you what they are going through. Smiling, yet suffering.

Before you really do anything, ask do I really need to do this? Love thyself first, then you can love thy neighbour as thyself.

Would you be able to stand the jeer of the young men saying they have “chop and clean mouth”. Or you say, “I got married because my friends were getting married not because I want to.”

Life is formed on our expressions which is beyond the fear within us. Life will give to us what we give into it and that depends on how we express ourselves and our true feelings.

Accept thyself as Queen, others will follow

A lot of people may not accept you and your decisions. It is better than living a veiled life because you’ll get to lie to yourself that you can’t become that great woman heaven has vested on you. The voices that say you can’t be a queen, that your life can’t amount to anything. Well, that’s the opinion of others going into your head, gets to your heart and you subtly believe them.

But here is the truth about you and never forget, that you’re amazing, you’re adorable, you’re beautiful, you’re complete, excellent, marvelous, special, unique…… and you’re a queen. But every awesome and good stuff can only find its way to the world through your expression. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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