The Children Of Africa Center Business Start-up Campaign

One of the Children at the Orphanage

The Children Of Africa Center Business Start-up Campaign

Kristofa Kala was an orphan to a single parent and at a young age he knew one day he would help kids who were just like him.

When he became older he started his own non-profit orphanage and he now helps orphaned children and widows. Kris is a very dedicated and driven individual. Kris spends all his time and energy ensuring the children are fed, have housing, and ongoing education. Kris is also active in creating local small businesses and inspiring community involvement.

The Children of Africa Center supports 63 Orphans and Widows with food and water. Housing assistance is provided for all, while many kids are hosted at the center the center is only so large, that means building homes is an essential part of the work. Kris is the founder and on the ground director and organizer of The Children of Africa Center. Kris is only 28 but he started working with Community Based Organization in 2003. In 2008 he built the center and has been actively maintaining it since then.

Your Support and Donations go Along Way!

Just like every other successful business The Children Of Africa Center need a website to bring in steady and reoccurring donations. To run and maintain that website the ground crew in Tanzania need computer equipment and internet set up and installed, as well as long term domain and hosting plans for their new site.

The children need their education payed for in 2016. This is important!! If Kris can not provide the children with education then they do not get the chance to learn and have to stay home instead.

Currently Kris is working a job in another part of Africa to provide some food for the children. It is not nearly enough food for them all. We need food support for at least a year until the website can start bringing in steady donations. This money will be used to feed the 28 children three meals a day, instead of the normal one to two meals they receive now. This money will be used to feed the 35 widows three meals a day. This money also provides clean water for all of them for a whole year.

 A Little Is A Lot!

To donate to The Children Of Africa Center please kindly donate to his cause here.

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