Breaking Barriers

#BreakingBarriers: Become who you are meant to be

Some people are the reason for where they are in life, they refuse to release themselves to succeed. They are comfortable being stagnated as far as it is secure.


There is nothing bad in being contented with what you have but in my opinion, it is bad to be contented with who you are.


Being contented with what you have is wanting what you already have. Not foolishly wanting what you don’t have.


Don’t be contented with you are because you will settle for less than your best. It is the static state of ‘good enough’. It is what makes many people settle for the status quo. It is the barrier hindering people from reaching beyond their grasp to discover new frontiers.


Who you are is a great determinant of where you are and where you will be.


The real you is progress in motion. You want to discover more? Join us this Saturday at #BreakingBarriers Conference. Register here.


About the Speakers

Segun Awosanya (SEGA) is a Realtor (landlaw focused) Civil Rights & Institutional Reforms Advocate, futuristic Brand, Media, Tech, Research, Business & Strategic Consultant, who is also deeply involved in social engineering and Nation building via his numerous advocacies that has helped Nigerians find succor. He enlightens young Nigerians daily from his @segalink Twitter handle towards political awareness, socio-economic development, political literacy and National integration. He is the Convener of the globally acclaimed universal institutional reforms advocacy geared towards strengthening Institutions in Nigeria (#EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG).


Olashile Abayomi is an Humanitarian and a Purpose Compass. She is the Founder Soupamarket and Olashile Abayomi Hunger Hero Foundation.


Adedayo Olabamiji is a Keynote Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Thought Leader,Human Resources, Change and Confidence Expert. He is dedicated to helping people live bigger, bolder and braver lives. He is the curator of #BreakingBarriers a weekly motivational program on Twitter, through which lives of many have been changed.


He is an astute Public and Conference Speaker. Adedayo have 10 years vast experience in Leadership Skills and Human Development. He has grasp insights in Project Management Certified from Institute of Finance and Strategic Business Management (IFSBM) and a Personal Development Skill from Prestigious Lagos Business School (Improving Personal Effectiveness).


Adedayo is a Youth Leader at The Redeemed Christian stain Church of God (RCCG) where he serves as an Ambassador at the Provincial Level (Lagos Prov. 36) and YALI member with 5 certifications ranging from Strategies For Personal Growth and Development, Workforce Collaboration and Development et al He is Author of 360 Gems of Wisdom. He is passionate to make a difference in this generation and help others to live a fulfilled life.

About the Author /

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Akinola Oyewobi writes on faith, personal development, relationship, career, governance and business. Though with an engineering degree, he is pursuing a career in digital media at Premium Times.

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