Why I am Grateful

Why I am Grateful

Why I am Grateful

2015 was just that year where great things happened to me, where I learned a lot from different people, who taught me just more than what I could ever imagine. And the things I am most grateful for.

The year though had its thorny moments where I thought I won’t make it through if not for the support of my friends, mentors and coaches. Today I am willing to learn as much as I can. There were events that shaped me, humbled me and also taught me unimaginable things about myself. There were things I wasn’t aware of until I understood who I am. It was one of my best journeys of all time where I wanted to swim on turbulent waters, I wanted to challenge myself to something I would not have had the courage to pursue. Every single day of the year was so much an experience that not only built my psychological and emotional wellbeing but also my spiritual wellbeing.

In this year I learned what weakness was and why we should not despise others in their weaknesses but to have a good understanding that we are all handicap at something and needs improvement and transformation every step of the way. I learned that in my walk as a Christian no one ever arrives in the journey but embracing every experience as a growth process. And that is the same with our lives, being great takes persistent effort and no one ever becomes or else someone beats you in your game. This year some decisions were very tough to make but I questioned my readiness for a particular task and thrived to become better. Every failure is meant to prepare us to step unto more deep waters to find meaning for our lives every step of the way. This year Grace showed me what it is and how its never earned because in spite of my shortcomings its still hanging on in the room saying am still here.

This year was just that year I could not stop thinking about, my learning, the great minds I have met and my experience. Most things dropped from my mouth this year which I wish I could document, it could be in a group discussion, in trying to uplift a friend, or when I am trying to make a point. What I hope to learn in the coming year is to document these thoughts that are passing through my mouth in those moments. I am grateful to meet a special set of amazing people that’s helped me shape myself and see everyday as an opportunity to serve humanity in the best form I can.

I wish you an amazing year and thanks for all the support.

What are you grateful for in this new year?

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