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Child playing in Alexandra townshipToday, I was having some thoughts of what we did as kids. When we were young you could sense as an adult that this younger ones would be inventors and innovators in future because of the creative things we did. This days kids are left in the comfort of their bedrooms playing video games which in itself is not a bad thing. We are in the technology age!

But back to those days the tire we rolled round the street, the sand castles, suwe, boju boju, moto Boris, tinini tanana, police and thief, ten ten, the list could just go on but having the thoughts of this today seemed we could color our streets with these games again. Times have changed but the past does leave us with an amazing trail of the future. All that mattered to us then was play and this days kids are just having maybe a better experience than we did. Though when it comes to that PLAYGROUND where we play our hearts out every generation seem to acknowledge that theirs was a better experience. And this is because its the definition of what we’ve become.

In the next few days I will be going down memory lane and analyzing each game we played as kids, the strategies for winning and what it looked like when we lose. I will also need your help as well.

What were the games you could remember you played as a kid?

Love to hear it!

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