What’s in Your Name

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What’s in Your Name

My cousin, Ifeoluwa at the age of 10 didn’t like his name and the idea of it. He wanted to redefine himself and he believed this also comes with his name. The funny part was he didn’t like the idea of people calling him Junior. Who wouldn’t want a Jr. suffix to their name though? Truly, I loved the idea and thought about asking my parents why they didn’t consider it. One day I asked him, Why didn’t he like the idea? He opened up that people didn’t see him for who he is but for his likeliness to his dad. 

This seems weird but true there is more to our names, because that is what people identify us with and that is also what connects us deeper with God. Our names carry divinity in it.

I have seen people shorten their names just to make it simple. I know they may seem a mouthful but shortening them can lessen their true meanings. In an office mail, I saw how we moved from sending a birthday wish to someone with their name in full to been shortened in the thread. I kept wondering what the name meant, does it mean anything? And if it does, what context does it give? Oftentimes there is no context because the part of it that should emphasize what the name truly means is taken away.

My Personal Reflections

As I kept reflecting on the names I was given, I see in it God’s Providence during my christening. He truly knows us by name. One of my names encourages me to be brave, another reminds me of my identity and authority in Christ Jesus. I even have an anchor scripture for it; that I am seated with Him in Heavenly Places. 

Remember, He has finished everything, we are just living the script. Now imagine being in alignment with His will for your life. Our names reveal a significant part of who we are and what we have been called to be. When we were conceived, God also factored in the names we will be called.

So back to my cousin, Ifeoluwa, he decided to take the detour but truly he is becoming his name on a daily basis. This reminds him to keep loving, and being strong for the people around him as he exercises the gifts God has placed in him for others.

Your name carries a lot of weight, look at what it means, is that you? If you don’t like the meaning, will you want to change it?

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