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Uncut Me

I am glad to receive this award from an amazing friend of mine and it was great meeting you on this journey. Fola is an awesome personality and having known her for a short time.

I feel inspired by her stories and her thoughts towards life. She believes in possibilities and also her dreams are motivating. Kindly check her up here. Thank you so much Fola for this nomination and for all the support. Glad I met you.


  • Thank the person or people who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominators.
  • Nominate eleven more bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Questions from Fola

What is your dreams and purpose for life?

I believe my purpose is found beyond my passion and my dreams, somehow what I find myself doing connects me to that purpose that whatever I find myself doing should be changing lives, should be solving problems and mostly I believe I am a light that leads others to their greatness.

What is your interests, passion and hobbies?

I have interests in web development, social media consulting, social enterprise and renewable energy.

Skills Cloud

Skills Cloud

I am passionate about people, seeing them become all they have been called to be. My hobbies are surfing the internet, reading, writing, making friends, sharing ideas and loving people.

Where are you from, and tell us a little about the place?

My parents are from the South-western part of Nigeria, we’ve lived most of our lives in the North. Grew up in the city of Jos, Nigeria,

Shere Hills, Jos, Nigeria

Shere Hills, Jos, Nigeria

in a neighbourhood with rocks and mountains. It is such a beauty to behold. You should come visit soon.

The city have been through some hard times but am a firm believer that hard times bring forth a new beginning. The city is going through a rebirth of greatness and serenity now.

What do you think about Marriage?

Such a difficult question to answer but I will answer anyway. I see marriage as something we should be prepared and ready for, I believe there is a purpose for everything and there will be

no need blowing your trumpet until you are very sure of that lady or man. I know that perspectives may differ, but learning by seeing what others have done or are doing have helped sharpen my perspective on marriages.

What things do you love most?

I love when I help others become better, I love when I help others lift off their burdens. I love problems, they help me think creatively of what best could be done and how best to do it. I love women. Lol! Ask me why in the comment session.

What would you love to be given as a gift, irrespective of its possibility?

Hmm! “Eleyi gidi gan” (Yoruba: meaning this one is too strong). A million dollars investment.

Do you have fears , if yes, what are they?

Yes I do, I fear uncertainty mostly even than death I guess. I fear being broke as well. Lol! Not that serious, I could live with that, learned to be judicious with my spending. And the most recent falling in love. Maybe I suck been in love, its better I stay this way but another fear is not falling in love too.

What do you think about your life?

Life is a gift, cherish it and use every bit of the package.

How do you handle challenges/difficulties/ hurts?

I have learned to believe, I don’t resign to failure. I go again even though it may be difficult taking that step of faith. When I do its more fulfilling.

Challenges, difficulties and hurts have activated new things I thought I could not do. Helped me take action on some things I would have given excuses for not doing them. For some moment it is going to be some negative feeling but after letting go new things spring forth.

If you were given a chance to make one request and it’ll be granted no matter what it is, what would your request be?

Maybe just maybe to have the strength to love.

{Special Request} I love you and i want you to be happy always, no matter the storms you encounter, by not allowing your situations weigh you down, because you are Great and the world needs you. Would you do that for me?


I Hereby Nominate

Norbert Mbanefo

Adebayo Adegbite


Capt. Piyush Kacha

John Coyote

Laura Lee

Here are My Questions for You

What will you say is the meaning you are giving to life?

If you have the chance to change anything, what would that be?

What is your personality type and how has it influenced what you do?

If you will travel to somewhere in the world, where would that be and why?

What will you say have had a great influence on you?

How best are you making a difference in your community?

What are your thoughts about friendships and relationships?

What are your greatest challenges, and if you need help with them would you ask or go alone?

Special Request: Live to your highest potential and don’t give up on yourself, I believe there are so many troubles in the world but I believe you can become whatever you are destined to be. Can you do that for me?

  • abi
    Posted at 15:14h, 13 December Reply

    Thank you for this expose into Ak. Thank you Ak too, for sharing. We never know how much impact our words have on the people around us and we never will be able to gauge. Keep putting out your amazing words.

    • Akinola Oyewobi
      Posted at 18:20h, 13 December Reply

      Thank you Abi and also thanks for your support as well. I will say I am glad I met you this year. *keep shining*

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