Nigeria: A Burdened Nation in need of Real Change

Aerial view of Abeokuta, Nigeria (Photo by McBarth™ Obeya from Pexels)

Nigeria: A Burdened Nation in need of Real Change

Sometimes you wonder and ask yourself “am I ready for change?” Because change starts from you right? Then you go further and wonder “as a nation are we ready for change?” It seems we talk but don’t act. Change is inevitable, it can be promised but not get the right kind of change.

Questions to be asked regularly in our individual lives and in general should be: When you see people, what do you see? Do you see them as a tool to be used to toughen your oppression and exploitation? Or do you see them as a tool to be used unto great works?

You find broken people that lead broken systems. And all they could think about is steal since its all about the national cake. But wait! If we all go through this cycle, we end up having so many dead people on our streets, though living but they are just merely existing. High unemployment rate, high crime rate, poverty and broken infrastructure. The inability of some men to fix a system has left many people with unfulfilled dreams.

Then we proceed to ask more questions like, is there hope? Where is the hope? Hope is here but seems far away. People are not taking a stand and rising to confront the system that has killed dreams and has led many to apathy.

What then is our usefulness if we can’t live our purpose, and live to our fullest potentials. There are situations where guns were blazing on the street, shots fired, stray bullets hits a child with dreams unfulfilled. The bullets of the men in black also holds no bounds. Crisis hits a town that a father never returned home to his family. Insurgents overruns a town and kidnap girls but still there is no end in sight. Families bleeding, many yet to heal from the wars of our past. Yet, we are quiet or make jeers at people that are doing the most to hold the government accountable.

Like I said change begins from us (individually) right but unfortunately we find people fighting people that are fighting to make all of our lives worth living for, even if it looks like they are doing little. The lack of knowledge is what leads to people throwing caution in the wind because they don’t know what emancipation means. It means to set yourself free and to set others free. Now that’s real change, it begins with you.

This nation, this continent need liberation but then how can we liberate our nation if we have not liberated the people. When we liberate the people then our path to nation building begins.

  • The Potter's Clay
    Posted at 10:31h, 11 October Reply

    In my opinion, I think this change should start with our leaders first. I mean, why exactly do they need so much luxury to be in office? talkabout cloth allowance, food allowance, security allowance, like WHATTTTT, and they receive it in MILLIONS OF NAIRA- MONTHLY, Please, what are they eating or wearing?

    I strongly believe that if our leaders can make visible changes to their lifestyle, transfer those funds to the national pot, create opportunities for their youths, definitely the people will have a reason to change. Likeee, why do I change when the hierarchy being passed to me is crap? obviously, nothing I do at the bottom tier would seem worthwhile because the people at the top are already frustrating my effort.

    While it is nice for the people to change; it is more vital that the leaders start to let go of power, for instance, have we had a 30year old rule Nigeria? No, because the old cargos have refused to let them lead by stepping down. Sad!

    • webmaster
      Posted at 11:51h, 15 October Reply

      The Potter’s Clay,

      Apparently, it’ll be hard for our leaders to change. We have a system that is painfully corrupt because the people make those systems. Glad at what is happening, the Nigeria we will see in the next few years will amaze us. I look forward!



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