Studying the word helps us live a godly lifestyle

Having a godly Lifestyle

I would say a holy lifestyle simply means a lifestyle that pleases God. This means as Christians, God should be happy and pleased with our way of living. That is, what we say, what we do whether in private or in the open, where we go, how we interact with people daily, how we react to certain situations and so on should be acceptable by God. Most of us live our lives based on the “the Bible doesn’t say there is anything wrong with this” and I have heard quite a number of us say this.

We try to justify the wrong things we do because the Bible doesn’t point out “don’t do this or don’t do that”. However, we ought to know that as Christians, we cannot continue living our lives for both God and the devil. We cannot say we’re Christians while our lifestyles portray behaviors, attitudes and characters entirely different. 1st Corinthians 10:21 clearly says:

You cannot drink from the cup of the Lord and from the cup of demons too. You cannot eat at the Lord’s table and at the table of demons too”. (NLT) Click To Tweet

At some point, we’ll have to make a decision based on the kind of things we entertain; either a lifestyle that pleases God or one that gets the devil excited and I definitely wouldn’t want the latter. We ought to live our lives like Christ is coming back today and you should ask yourself right now where you would go if Christ is to return at this second.

Most of us get scared (I hope that’s the right word) when we hear about the return of Christ but best believe it’s going to happen. The fact that it can happen any second should motivate you to want to do right by God. For God to be pleased with us, we were taught the usual “thou shall not…” in Sunday school but it’s more than that now. We have to live our lives just like Christ did when He was on earth and honestly, we cannot do this by ourselves. We need the help of the Holy Spirit and for us to have the Holy Spirit, we have to be born again i.e. we must be saved.

Once this happens, we have to take the necessary steps to becoming spiritually mature and this means spending quality time with God, studying and talking to Him which would help build our relationship with Him. When we start growing spiritually, we begin to understand and see the need to want to be like Christ; the need to have a Christ like character and also the need to please Him in all that we do. Like 2nd Corinthians 3:18b says:

“And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like Him and reflect His glory even more”. (NLT) Click To Tweet

How do we know when we’re beginning to be more like Christ? We start to love the things He loved and hate the things he hated. Galatians 5:19-21 talks about the characteristics of the flesh i.e. things or characters that are not of God. Galatians 5:22-23 also talks about the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. This means our flesh and Spirit are at war every day and so the things we see ourselves doing or the characters we exhibit either satisfies the flesh or the Spirit.

Since I started working on building my relationship with God, I have asked Him every day to instill in me the characteristics of Christ. I want to talk, act and think like Him. I told Him I wanted the lying, gossiping, anger, malice and the extra that comes with being a woman gone and I can proudly say He has been helping. There are tons of things I used to do that I can’t see myself doing anymore because I hate them now and I know Christ definitely didn’t do them while He was on earth.

On a scale of 1-10, I’d say I’m a 5 when it comes to having a Christ like character and this is great for me because I used to be on a ZERO. I’m aiming for a 9 before the end of the year and I’m sure I’ll get there with the help of the Holy Spirit because He knows I’m willing. It’s definitely not going to be easy to just get rid of these characters and attitudes but we must be willing to stop. It’s a process that needs dedication and time. Being a Christian doesn’t mean we have it all figured out but it must be evident in our lifestyles that we’re living for God. God knows that we’re not perfect and we can never be but our deepest desire should be pleasing Him. Rick warren said:

“When you live in light of eternity, your focus changes from “How much am I getting out of life?” to “How much pleasure is God getting out of my life?” Click To Tweet

We should ask ourselves the latter every day. Living for God will require us to be ready to change so many things like our goals, relationships, friends, priorities etc. When God sees that you are willing, He will give you the strength you need to get through. I don’t even want to go into the peace and joy you feel when you start living for Christ but know this; it’s AMAZING. You might get laughed at or people might say the usual “when did she/he become born again”. They’ll also try to use your past to bring you down but DON’T GIVE IN and like my friends would say, “they’ll be alright”. That’s the truth you know. They’ll leave you alone eventually and some might decide to start living for Christ just because they love the new you.

Make it a habit of asking yourself everyday who you’re living for; that is who’s more pleased with your pattern of living; God or the devil. One more thing, just when we’re about to do that wrong thing, we should pause for a second and ask ourselves “Would Jesus Christ do this?”

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