Certain things take time. Life in itself is a time based process. It took God seven days to create the universe as we know it today, not that the Supreme Architect had not the power to create the earth in seven seconds, but the Almighty Creator understands the importance of effect of time in evolution of natural phenomenon.

Impregnating nine ladies same time doesn’t guarantee you having a child in a month! You must understand this. It takes the sun about 12 hours rise from dusk to down, it took you about 52 weeks on arriving earth to take your first few steps, it took you six (6) years to obtain your first school certificate and another four (4) years or more to obtain your first degree . In all these, one lesson is constant – life comes in phases and it goes on.

Each phase in life is marked by a beginning and an end, with it comes with its anxiety of what expect and expectations of likely outcome, these feelings are relatively constant. In between this two constants are your decisions. Your minute by minute decisions translate in minute by minute actions which takes you either a step closer to your desired expectations and aspirations in life or one step away.

Patience is a cheap virtue, not even the richest can afford it. I say this because many of many contemporaries are on the fast lane, so eager to hit the proverbial “gold mine” at the shortest record time. Know this, “moving fast is not same as going somewhere” do not be distracted by how fast others climb the ladder of prosperity but be more concerned how well you climb the ladder of posterity. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, are prominent names in the book of posterity, you’ve got to feature in that book too!

Though you ain’t where you wish to be, neither are you where you use to be, stay focused and keep building yourself so when chance comes it’ll find you ready.

Okoye Ugochukwu is an enthusiast for knowledge who believes He Can because He’s an AfriCAN.

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Akinola Oyewobi writes on faith, personal development, relationship, career, governance and business. Though with an engineering degree, he is pursuing a career in digital media at Premium Times.

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