Hi, My name is John-Anthony Akinola Oyewobi, I am a Chemical Engineer by training, ICT inclined, an entrepreneur by design. A social media enthusiast and making the most of this opportunity to meet people around the globe. I am a member of the most awesome youth organization in the world AIESEC, being in the organization has helped me have a global perspective and also gain leadership and management skills while in College.

What Inspires Me

Love first among all else is what inspires me the most, love of family, love of friends, love of partner, love of mankind. And then I am forever grateful for the mentorship of some great men and women that’s helped in shaping the man I am today. Problems inspire me too, without problems life would be very boring. When I see a problem I begin to think of how to solve the problem, how to do it better and how to make life easier for humanity. If we embrace simplicity we will always find a way around every problem. I value friendship, I value relationships.

I am a Generational Thinker!